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iPhone 5 to have same screen size?

There have been many rumors around the upcoming release of the iPhone 5. One of the key discussion points has been the size of the new screen.

Some analysts have claimed that Apple will need to increase the size of the iPhone 5 screen to fend off tough threats from the barrage of Android power phones flooding the market in recent months. HTC in particular have been focusing on 4.3 inch screens with their Holiday and Thunderbolt phones. Going on inside sources, it would seem that the next generation of Android phones will be using a 4.5 inch screen.

Others claim that the current size is ‘about right'. After all the doomed Dell Streak, used a 5 inch screen and it didn't prove popular at all, with many people claiming it was just too bulky to carry about all the time.

The iPhone 4 screen: just the right size?

One of the latest reports from a Wall Street analyst read “iPhone 5 component orders increased for FQ4 (Sept.) and FQ1 (Dec.); timing of orders continues to suggest an October launch. FQ4 orders for iPhone 5 increased ~700k; timing continues to suggest an Oct. launch. iPhone 5 screen size likely to be same as iPhone 4” – this was sourced from Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy Hargreaves – who sent the note to clients.

According to this ‘find' it would seem unlikely that Apple would increase their 3.5 inch screen size to 4 or 4.3 inches. Are they afraid of making the phone too big?

Kitguru says: Is 3.5 inch just the right size or would you like the iPhone 5 to sport a 4.3 inch touch screen?

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