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Xebec iTouchpad Diamond Series Wireless Keyboard Review

The Xebec iTouchPad Diamond Series Wireless Keyboard is a solid product which makes an ideal partner for a media system in the living room. It is light and compact enough to rest on a lap, offering the user control over the mouse and keyboard in one convenient package.

As a standalone purchase for a typist, we can’t recommend it. The Soft Touch Membrane technology may have a lifespan of 5 million activations per key, but it feels distinctively ‘spongy’ and would not be a first choice for serious tasks.

That said, as a media keyboard for light generalised duties it works perfectly fine and the signal strength is more than enough for even the largest of rooms. The signal was perfectly capable of reaching the PC receiver at the other end of a 15 foot room.

We like the driverless install on Windows 7, simply plug in the USB receiver, pair with the keyboard and its ready to use. The rechargeable feature is excellent, as you can rest the keyboard beside the PC when not in use, and maintain a charge. Battery life seems strong, we charged it a week ago as we started the review and it is still going strong on the first charge, under moderate use.

The keyboard is available in the United Kingdom from Overclockers, for £32.99 inc vat.


  • Neat, clean appearance.
  • Mouse control.
  • No drivers needed for modern Windows operating system.
  • USB receiver is tiny.
  • rechargeable.
  • signal is strong.
  • price point is good.


  • Keyboard is not ideal for serious typing.

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Rating: 8.0.

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