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35GB Max Payne 3 hitting PC platform in a week

The first two Max Payne games were brilliant so we have high hopes that the PC version will recapture of the magic of the original games. The game seems to have been well received on the console platform so far, but we are much more interested in the PC version.

Millions of copies have already shipped for the consoles and we would expect the PC starved gamers will be jumping on this from a great height. The good news is we only have another week to wait.

Gamers queuing for Max Payne 3 in Mumbai - image courtesy of MCV

The game is said to ship on four DVD's with a 35 GB minimum storage requirement, according to Italian distributor E-Xpress. We aren't looking forward to this download on Steam and it has to be one of the biggest PC games ever released.

Kitguru says: Will it be worth the wait? we hope so.

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