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BigFoot Killer Wireless N 1102 Review

Rating: 8.5.

We have reviewed several Bigfoot networking products in the past and have found them to be a big step up for enthusiast users when compared against the native onboard solutions. Today we are looking at the new Killer Wireless N 1102 which is geared from the ground up for streaming media and online gaming.

Bigfoot Networks is releasing two versions of the new hardware, in the shape of the Killer Wireless-N 1103 and N 1102. The N 1103 adapter enables data rates up to 450 Mbps via 3 stream MIMO. The N 1102 adapter provides data rates up to 300 MBps via 2 stream MIMO.

Additionally, the new hardware has an intelligence system which can identify and prioritise latency sensitive traffic with ‘Advanced Stream Detect’ (this terminology is trademarked by the company). Bigfoot claim that this offers unmatched online performance for gaming, high quality audio and streaming HD video content. The benefits are said to carry over into social networking and business environments, such as when chatting with colleagues and friends during video conferencing.

Bigfoot also offer a Control system, called ‘Visual Bandwidth Control’ which enables the end user to see which applications are demanding a lot of network connection time. This means that specific bandwidth can be allocated to each process or application, therefore minimising any crossover drain when playing games.

Finally there is an exclusive Online Gaming PC Monitor which allows the user to monitor and manage wireless notebook health and performance with graphical displays and detailed logging via a proprietary user interface.

KILLER Wireless-N 1102 Specifications

Exclusive Hardware Features
Signal-Sustain Technology for improved rate-over-range
Low Density Parity Check
Maximum Likelihood Detection (MLD)
Transmit Beamforming

Supported OS
Windows 7 32 and 64-bit

Software Features
Control Panel Application and Tray Indicator
Advanced Stream Detect™
Visual Bandwidth Control™
– With Application Blocker
Online G

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  • Tennis

    Excellent idea. I like their software, worth it for that alone.

  • Justin

    I read about the killer desktop model here last year and bought one and I can’t do without it now. One of the best buys ever. They have the hardware finely tuned for gamers.

  • Ian

    Shame you cant just add on into the machine. I upgrade my memory on my laptop. dont see how this would be any more difficult.

  • procupine14

    Great product! I agree with Ian I wish that I could add this on to my laptop as my current wireless card is terrible. Plugging it into a network problem fixes all of my latency problems in World of Warcraft so it has to be my card. I would totally drop this in if it were available. My wireless card is a standard mini PCI port so I don’t see why I couldn’t.