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ATI to fix VLC player hardware support

We carried a story earlier today regarding video acceleration for VLC Player 1.1 and the fact that it is currently only supported with nVidia drivers. Videolan the developers of VLC player stated ““it is quite sad to be forced to recommend NVIDIA GPU, until ATI fixes their drivers on Windows, and until VLC developer get access to some Intel hardware supporting GPU decoding”.”

I spoke with ATI this afternoon to find out if this situation was going to improve, as we have noticed several KitGuru readers complaining about the lack of support and the fact that VLC Player can crash on ATI hardware.

ATI said: “Catalyst 10.6 does not have GPU acceleration enabled for VLC player. AMD has been in contact with VideoLAN concerning this issue and a solution is in the final stages of development, its a new capability in our driver, and will be available very soon in an upcoming Catalyst driver release.”

So good news for everyone with this statement, we can assume that in a few months they can enjoy the new VLC player with full acceleration.

KitGuru says: ATI users have patience, its being worked on !

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