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Innergie Mcube Lite review – universal charger

Rating: 7.5.

KitGuru recently received a cool gadget at our offices – the Innergie MCube Lite Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor. This little device works as a universal power adapter for a variety of laptop systems as well as offering a USB output to power your portable devices.

  • Ultra Slim & Light Weight: With thickness of just 16mm and a weight of 200 gram, the mCube Lite is the most portable power solution
  • Multi Purpose Universal Adapter: Carry only one single adapter to power up your notebook and USB chargable devices at the same time
  • Fast USB Charging: With special design USB power port, it gives you the capability of charging all your standard USB devices
  • Energy Saving: With extremely high power efficiency, you can reduce your energy costs and reduce your CO2 emission
  • Never worry about unstable voltage anymore, the built-in protections ensure Innergie products are safer than ever
  • Credited by the RTCA aviation certification, safe usage within airplanes is guaranteed
  • Great Compatibility: Charge most popular brands of notebooks between 18-21 volts, up to 17 inch in LCD size, and 65 watts consumption. Including Acer, Asus, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba, and more. Free tip support to ensure Innergie offers the widest laptop compatibility coverage

The unit arrives in a clear package with the adapter on full view, protected by a tough plastic shell.

Sliding out the rear section we get access to a very attractive looking container which holds all the accessories supplied.

Inside there is a small, soft pouch which contains all the adapter heads as well as a manual and power lead.

The Innergie adapter is plain white and rather “Mac-like” in design. It is a very understated design with only the name of the company on the plastic shell.

Above we can see the simple two prong connector for the mains adapter unit. Simply slot in and turn on.

Flipping the unit over we can see the USB port for charging devices such as an iPad or iPhone and a little LED light which glows blue when turned on.

The lead above is the power adapter head which connects to a plethora of adapter sockets.

There are a total of nine ‘heads' included which offer support forvarious make of laptops.

Each of them is coded for specific manufacturers, which are listed below:

Acer A,G
Asus A,B
Dell C,G
Fujistu Siemens A,E
Gateway A,G
HP/Compaq A,B,F,I
IBM Lenovo A,D
Panasonic A,E
Samsung J
Sony E
Toshiba A,H

In operation the device does exactly what it says, we tested it with a Sony Vaio laptop as well as a Dell machine and it worked perfectly, replacing the company specific chargers without a hitch.

We also tested it with our iPod, iPhone and iPad and once again we ran into no issues. As a universal charger system Innergie have delivered a product which is painfree to set up … all you do is simply plug the device into a socket and hook it up to your devices for instant power and recharging capability. Please be aware that this unit does not support the Apple range of Macbook products.

KitGuru says: if you need a replacement charger or one that will handle a variety of tasks then the Innergie is a solid product at a reasonable price – around £80 in the UK.

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Rating: 7.5.

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