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Mafia II first game to feature nVidia APEX clothing

Mafia was probably one of the finest games to ever grace the PC platform and there has been much anticipation for the follow up from the Czech division of 2K Games.

Latest news to hit is that Mafia 2 will not only feature nVidia PhysX but it will also use their APEX Clothing Module to enhance all the fancy gangster outfits. The engine is also going to feature particle systems to deliver top drawer explosions and debris within the game – with the period tommy guns, this opens up a whole new level of possible immersive environmental interaction.

The game is due for release late August/September and is sure to be one of the biggest titles this year. I personally can't wait as I was a huge fan of the original!

KitGuru says: This might be the A list game to enhance nVidia sales at the end of 2010

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