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Red Dead Redemption – PS3 running at lower res?

Rumours via the grapevine have reached us that the massively anticipated Red Dead Redemption (from GTA makers Rockstar) on the Playstation 3 is actually running at a lower resolution than the Xbox 360 version.

In a conversation this morning it appears that this initial claim was made on the Beyond 3D forums by an industry insider and with the connections on those forums there could be some weight to the claims. Apparently on the Xbox 360 the game runs at 720p with 2xAA and on the Playstation 3 the res is only 640p. Rockstar have yet to make anything publicly known and if this is true then we can only assume that they ran into frame rate issues during testing and had to make compensations to the resolution.

In real world terms there is also a good possibility that this slightly lower resolution might not look much worse, with perhaps only more noticeable aliasing on some surfaces.

KitGuru says: It is well known that the Playstation 3 is more difficult to program for and perhaps this game proved troublesome for Rockstar.

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