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Opera 10.6b1 – stable and nippier

It seems everyone right now is in a browser ‘update' mode, with Safari 5, Chrome 5 beta, 64bit Firefox beta and even demos of Internet Explorer 9 hitting the public domain.

Opera 10.60 beta has been recently released which offers a slew of improvements when compared to the current 10.53 version. I have been playing with it a lot recently and am very impressed with the interface, even though it took some getting used to initially. It is also right up with Chrome for speed.

In a rather amusing press statement Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer and Opera Software said “Opera 10.60 beta is SO fast, it will BLOW YOU AWAY!”. We think someone slipped something into his coffee that morning.

The interface looks like it has borrowed some ideas from the Chrome handbook and it also brings support for Google's WebM open source video format which many people will appreciate.

Check it out for yourself over here. Windows, OSX and Linux are all supported.

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