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Corsair 16Gb Flash Padlock 2

Hands up if you like Corsair. Yeah, don’t we all. You will be pleased to hear that they have just launched a new 16GB model within the Flash Padlock 2 line of secure USB flash drives. With 16GB of flash memory, the newest Padlock doubles the amount of storage when compared with the previous version.

The Flash Padlock 2 employs two security technologies for robust data protection. The first of these is a user-defined PIN, or personal identification number. This PIN is entered directly on the Padlock using an integrated keypad, and can range from four to ten digits in length. The second security technology used is 256-bit AES encryption of the contents of the drive.

Since the PIN to unlock the Padlock is entered directly on the drive itself, the drive is completely platform independent. This independence allows you to access your protected data on any USB-compatible hardware, including Windows PCs, Macs, Linux computers, and even gaming consoles.

The 16GB Flash Padlock 2 is available immediately from Corsair’s authorized distributors and resellers worldwide. Complete customer support via telephone, email, forum and Tech Support Xpress is also available.

We have no images right now and the Corsair press link doesn’t appear to be working, we will add some later when they arrive in our inbox!

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