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Apple shift 600,000 iPhone 4’s in 24 hours

I thought this article title might catch your attention. Is there anything these guys can't sell right now?

Yesterday we published an article on the sales fiasco that surrounded the Iphone 4 launchday, however it seems to have made absolutely no difference as Apple have broken all records, yet again to shift well over half a million phones in a 24 hour period. This is a staggering figure which has netted Apple a huge amount of income in such a short period of time. They already have a bigger market net worth than Microsoft and are the largest technology company on the planet. Perhaps Steve Jobs is next in line for Presidency?

Image courtesy of CNET

What is new that people are getting so excited about? Well it offers HD video recording, a higher density of pixel count on the screen and also multitasking. Heck they even throw in a compass in case you get lost while watching an HD video on the way to work.

KitGuru says: Another victory for Apple, nothing can really stop them right now.

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