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Seven copies of Windows 7 sold every second

It seems like Microsoft can finally put the ‘Vista disaster’ to bed as reports have came in that they have sold over 150 million copies of Windows 7. This means it is the fastest selling operating system in computer history.

When this is translated it means that seven copies of Windows 7 have been sold every second since release and it is even starting to get adoption among business users. This user base are normally very slow to even consider a new operating system.

This goes some way to repair the damage that Vista caused to the company, it was never really accepted by the masses and sales figures were very poor throughout its history. I am one of the few journalists who actually rated Vista as a solid operating system and I felt that although it did need some ‘tweaking’ out of the box it delivered a great experience on a good cross section of modern hardware.

Microsoft released beta versions yesterday of Messenger, Movie Maker, Sync and Photo Gallery yesterday to help strengthen the Windows Live series of free applications.

KitGuru says: Strong sales figures have helped Microsoft continue to grow in 2010.

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  • Francois Lebon

    THat is an insane level of sales figures, even for MS. wonder how much profit Windows 7 has made them so far.

  • faith

    Who knew Zardon’s boot was big enough to carry all those copies of Windows 7 down to the car boot sale in the first place