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HIS Multi View II USB Display Adapter Review

Rating: 9.0.

There are many people out there who use a laptop as their main machine, both on the move and at home.  While a laptop is convenient when you're on the go, at home there is room for a large screen or multiple screens for an extended desktop.  Most laptops support up to one external display but what do you do if you need two external displays?

Today we are going to look at the HIS Multi View II USB Display Adapter which enables you to connect an extra monitor to your PC or Mac without needing a spare video connection.  You can even use six Multi View II Adapters at the same time if need be!

Product Features:

  • USB 2.0 Hi-Speed compliant input
  • Dual DisplayLink DL2+ Decompression Engines
  • High definition resolution up to 2048×1152 including Full HD (1080p)
  • High performance (DDR) memory interface
  • Comprehensive operating system support including full support for Windows Vista (including Aero 3D) and Windows 7*
  • Windows driver Auto-Install via SPI flash interface
  • Support for standard and widescreen aspect ratio displays
  • 32-bit True Color depth for high quality graphics
  • Integrated DVI (TMDS) and analog (VGA) DAC
  • Support for direct LCD panel connections via LVDS
  • Video output via DisplayPort and HMDI supported via external chips (12/24-bit RGB-TTL)
  • Ultra low power consumption compatible with USB bus-powered designs
  • Automatic display detection using VESA compliant protocols
  • Support for a wide range of static, interactive, and video content
  • Fast and simple installation using Microsoft WHQL signed drivers
  • Configuration flexibility allowing extend and clone desktop display. Configurations are remembered with the unique benefit that when unplugging the device, all applications are brought back to the computer's main display, to enhance mobility.
  • Fully software upgradable allowing performance and feature enhancements over the life of the product
  • Optional Auto-Update to provide users with the latest software enhancements

HIS supply the Multi View II in an attractively-designed box which details a large amount of information about the product inside.  It's substantial construction should provide a decent level of protection for the adapter inside during transit.  With the adapter, HIS provide all the accessories we could ask for.  These consist of a USB cable, a DVI – VGA adapter and a carrying case.  There is also a concise user guide and a driver CD included in the box.  Installing the software takes no more than 2 minutes and then you're ready to go!

Thanks to its very compact design, the Multi View II is very easily portable and can easily slip into a laptop bag or briefcase.  The carrying case that HIS include has ample room for the unit itself, the USB cable and VGA adapter so makes transportation even easier.

The unit itself is finished in glossy white plastic, broken only by a small HIS logo in the corner.  The design is very simple, with a mini-USB2.0 jack and one end and the DVI port at the other.  If you require a VGA connection, HIS include a DVI to VGA adapter.  So setting the adapter up takes a matter of seconds providing you have already installed the drivers.

Overall we are very impressed with the performance of the adapter.  When performing basic tasks like browsing and word processing, you wouldn't know that the monitor is connected to anything other than a graphics card.  Bring standard definition and 720P video playback into the mix and there is noticeable slight degradation in framerate when compared to the main monitor, but not enough to notice without comparing side by side.  When we switched to a 1080P .avi video, the framerate drop was very noticable, making the video almost unwatchable.  On a device like this gaming isn't possible but to most customers, this won't make a difference.

At a price of £43 at Ditaq, the Multi View II USB Display adapter represents great value for money and is perfect for those on the go or those who need multiple displays on their laptop.  Thanks to it's Mac compatibility, we can see many Macbook owners adopting these so they can use multiple external displays.

KitGuru says: A great little gadget at a reasonable price

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Rating: 9.0.

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