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Samsung to use MediaTek’s Octa-Core (8-Core) Processor

MediaTek is having a dream run these days, from virtually being an unknown company at the beginning of 2010, it has risen to fame, courtesy of its dual core and quad-core budget System on Chip's (S0C): the  MT6577 and MT6589. The company has already released a detailed roadmap for its upcoming products  for Q3-2013 and 2014 which includes an LTE chip possibly for International markets like USA and Europe.

Now reports coming straight from Taiwan suggest that Samsung is planning to use MediaTek's upcoming ‘True' Octacore SoC, MT6592 in their smartphones!


Samsung hasn't revealed any info regarding which series of smartphones the processor will find its ways into, but its likely that the new chips will be used in entry level handsets and tablets, possibly aimed at developing markets. This news comes at a time when Samsung's market-share in countries like India and China is plummeting in the entry level  and mid range segment due to virtual flooding of markets with budget devices based on MediaTek's SoC. By partnering with the fabless semiconductor company, Samsung is cleverly trying to tackle the competition in Asia. Its own home brewed 8-Core Exynos for the high end and the budget Mediatek 8-core for the entry level segment diversifies its product portfolio.

The development although good for Mediatek, will come as a setback for small local brands both in China and India who struggle to keep up with supply due to the  enormous demand of Mediatek chips. With a large company like Samsung in the mix it is bound to get much harder. A price hike also cannot be ruled out.

Despite all this, the Taiwanese company is positive regarding its future prospects. Sony has already released its Xperia C handset based on the Mediatek platform, while  HTC is gearing up to launch its HTC 608T based on the same System on Chip (SoC) solution. A wider International launch is imminent.

Kitguru says: Its nice to see small companies compete with big guns like Qualcomm, Nvidia and Samsung. Healthy competition is always good for the consumers.

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