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AMD R9 270X Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today AMD are launching their new range of R7 and R9 video cards, minus the flagship R9 290X, which is coming later. This particular review focuses on the reference AMD R9 270X. The reference card has a price point set at $199, targeting a wide audience of enthusiast gamers who demand excellent Direct X 11 performance.

The R9 270X is designed to enter into the AMD mid range, hitting a price point between £160 and £180 inc vat. Today we test the hardware against the last generation HD7850 and ever popular HD7870 Tahiti LE. We also add in the GTX760 as a additional performance analysis… it is worth bearing in mind that partner cards have dropped to around £190-£200 inc vat in recent weeks.

The R9 270X will be sold with clock speeds up to 1.05ghz – all of which will have 1,280 Stream Processors. The reference card will demand power from 2 x 6 pin PCI E connectors and it complies with the PCI E 3.0 standard. There will be 2GB and 4GB configurations with memory speeds set up to 5.6Gbps.

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