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AMD R9 270X Review


The official AMD R9 270X is a dual slot card featuring the famous red and black colour combination. The small fan rests at the side of the card, in a position to force warm air along the PCB and out the back of the case. No retail packaging or accessories as this card is supplied direct from AMD.
The card is built around a black PCB and this particular reference sample features 2GB of GDDR5.
The AMD R9 270X is Crossfire capable in a 2 way configuration.
The R9 270X takes power from two 6 pin PCIE power connectors.
The card has a DVI-I and DVI-D connector, and two full sized HDMI and DisplayPort connectors.

It is widely known that AMD Radeon HD 7xxx parts (and earlier) currently can support a maximum of 2 HDMI/DVI displays, and the rest must be DisplayPort connections (or active DisplayPort adapters).

AMD Radeon R9 Series can now support up to three HDMI/DVI displays for use with AMD Eyefinity technology. A set of displays which support identical timings is required to enable this feature. The display clocks and timing for this feature are configured at boot time. As such, display hot‐plugging is not supported for the third HDMI/DVI connection.

A reboot is required to enable three HDMI/DVI displays.DisplayPort outputs are supported in addition to the three HDMI/DVI displays (up to 6 in total).
The cooler is substantial, with the copper base connecting into several copper heatpipes. AMD are using 2GB of SK Hynix GDDR5 memory on this board.
The R270X is built on the 28nm process. The core is clocked at 1,050mhz and it has 32 ROPs, 80 TMU’s and 1,280 Stream Processors. The 2GB of GDDR5 is connected via a 256 bit memory interface. The memory is clocked at 1,400mhz (5.6Gbps effective).

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