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AMD R9 270X Review

For our overclocking tests today we used the latest version of MSI Afterburner, which is based around Rivatuner.
There was some decent headroom on our engineering sample. We managed to increase the core clock speed from 1050mhz to 1,176mhz – translating into a 12% overclock. The memory could be overclocked from 1,400mhz to 1,567mhz (6.26Gbps effective) – which was also a 12% overclock. Obviously every card will be different, but we would imagine that AMD partners will be pushing their overclocked models to around 1,100mhz-1,150mhz.
The overclock translated into a very healthy score increase in 3dMark 11, from a graphics score of 8,222 points to a GTX760 beating 9,112 points. It will be very interesting to test some of the highly overclocked partner cards later.

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