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Toshiba previews 13.3 inch Android 4.0 tablet

If you walk into an electronics store these days you (should) find a bunch of tablets on display near the laptops. If you're curious as to what is offer you'll find tablets mostly with screens roughly 10 inches in size such as the Asus Transformer Prime or the Apple iPad.

You could also likely find a few smaller Android tablets in the 7 inch category which could include the Huawei MediaPad. Unlike the smartphone world the trend to push for extreme screen sizes has yet to start but Toshiba plans on getting the ball rolling.

Toshiba's AT330 13.3 inch Android tablet

Toshiba have recently previewed their very own AT330 Android tablet that measures in at a whopping 13.3 inches with a decent resolution of 1600×900; the same screen size of many ultrabooks. Due to its larger size the Tegra 3 powered tablet will have full sized HDMI and SD card slots. Alternative explanations for the bigger slots could include Toshiba wanting the end consumer to have an experience free of annoying adapters and/or obscure cables or the unit on show is a prototype and not a final design.

The tablet on preview at Toshiba World 2012 also features a TV tuner with a retractable antenna. The rather large tablet will reportedly have a 5 MP rear camera and a 1.3 MP video conferencing camera. The AT330 does not yet have any availability information attributed it to it but it is known it will ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Kitguru says: Considering tablets aren't all that productive on their own Toshiba's AT330 better have an optional keyboard dock.

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