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Motorola Xoom overclocked by 50% percent to 1.5ghz

Never mind the hype around the iPad 2. The fun is all happening with the latest Motorola Xoom tablet. Google Android developers and enthusiast modders are over the moon to find out that the Xoom tablet's bootloader is customisable. This opens up the hardware for easy access to developers.

XDA Developer coolbho3000 has already released a workaround that overclocks the Xoom's dual core 1GHZ Arm Cortex A9 based Nvidia Tegra 2 SoC by a whopping 50 percent to 1.5ghz. All you have to do is unlock the Xoom's bootloader, then root it.

The Motorola Xoom looks to Kitguru to be one of the finest tablets on the market today with a lovely 10.1 inch screen and a hardware specification list to make other tablet makers worry. The only issue has been the high release price of $800 in the states. However, with the new unlockable bootloader, it opens the hardware up to the modding crowd who will assuredly jump to the new platform with open arms.

Unlocking the Xoom's bootloader means you have to register with the Motorola Developer site, snag the USB drivers and then get the Android SDK. Full instructions are available here.

KitGuru says: Once the modding community gets started, sales figures grow quickly. It was a smart move and something Apple would never condone.

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