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Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou reportedly wanted to quit the company before arrest

Huawei’s chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou is facing extradition to the US, after her arrest in Canada for allegedly violating sanctions against Iran. According to her father and company founder Ren Zhengfei, Wanzhou was actually looking to leave Huawei prior to her detention and was actively searching for positions in the meantime.

While the majority of company CEOs are required to be in the public eye, Zhengfei has famously kept to himself throughout his tenure until the United States and China became embroiled in a trade war and Huawei became the epicentre. The arrest of his daughter, Wanzhou, has seen the founder give a rare two-hour interview with Canada’s CTV, revealing that she was “not happy working” at the company and was looking for alternative employment.

There is a personal silver lining for Zhengfei, who states that her arrest has improved their relationship as she now “understands how difficult life can be.” Prior to the intervention of authorities, the two “seldom exchanged phone calls” and set aside one time in the year to spend time together due to their busy lifestyles.

This has since changed, as “the case in Canada made my bonds deeper with my daughter. You have to suffer a lot before becoming a hero and if you don't have scars, you won't have tough skin, so the political suffering for her is a big test for her. Her wings will become stronger, she will achieve more.”

Zhengfei maintains that the arrest on behalf of the Unites States is politically motivated, stating that Wanzhou has “committed no crime” and is instead caught in the crossfire of issues “between two governments.”  He supports her “using legal action to defend her rights” and considers Canada similarly a “victim” of political circumstance.

Whanzhou “didn't violate any Canadian rules and I think both Canada and Huawei are victims because this case hurts people in both countries and bilateral relations also suffered setbacks,” states Zhengfei. “We will not reduce our investment in Canada because of that. Meng Wanzhou is an individual case and I don't think it should influence in any way the relationship Canada has with Huawei.”

As the US continues to push the narrative that Huawei is spying on behalf of the Chinese government, the company has once again adamantly denied any affiliation. It seems as though Huawei has other controversies to battle of its own making, too, after it used stock images to promote its upcoming P30 Pro handset.

KitGuru Says: It’s a sweet story to see Zhengfei properly reconnect with his daughter, but the story of Huawei’s battle against accusations is getting old, and fast.  

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