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Report suggests $1,770 price tag for Samsung’s foldable device

Samsung showcased its folding smartphone/tablet hybrid last week, keeping hush on some of the finer details. A report has since come to light detailing the Galaxy F, as it will apparently be known, particularly looking at when the hybrid device will launch and how much it’s believed to set users back.

Samsung is expected to release the device in March, one month after its Galaxy S10 is set to debut if trends continue. It is believed that the firm will use its time during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) at the end of February to talk about 5G, leading into the reveal of its 5G-capable flagship handset. Unfortunately, despite predictions of a high $1,770 price tag, the Galaxy F is not expected to house 5G support itself, according to sources speaking with Yonhap News Agency.

The price is not yet set in stone, although it is expected to play a part in limiting Samsung’s estimated sales and therefore production of the Galaxy F device. This means it’s unlikely to achieve mass production akin to its flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy A brethren. At the very least, President DJ Koh believes that the hybrid device will hit a minimum of 1 million units sold.

We still don’t know what the internals will be to truly justify the price for the experimental hybrid, but its supposed lack of 5G support doesn’t breed much confidence. All information should be taken with a pinch of salt for the time being until Samsung releases official information on the upcoming product.

KitGuru Says: A foldable device finding its footing for a price that high is going to be a tough sell for Samsung, particularly given that we still don’t know the state of app functionality. If anything, it reminds me of when virtual reality first came to market, with it potentially taking just as much time to find its own place. How do you feel about the tentatively titled Galaxy F handset?

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