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Samsung Galaxy ‘iPad’ 2 10.1 now only £219

If you’ve been looking for a product that so similar to an iPad that Apple was forced to sue the creator and extract $1 billion in damages, then we all know Samsung is the place to go. Here at KitGuru HQ, we have just had word of an offer that puts the settlement (and likely future action) in context.

Following on from its battering in the courtroom and the possibility that it’s tablets might be banned from shops across the globe, it looks like our Korean friends are dumping as much stock as they can, while they can.

When Apple goes to court (as has been widely rumoured) at the start of December, in order to get Samsung products banned from shops – it is possible that they might succeed in certain countries. For example, the USA could be a possible ‘banned sales territory’, while the chances of Apple winning an injunction against Samsung in Korean are around the same as Burkina Faso winning the World Cup in Brazil.

So how worried is Lee Kun-Hee, Samsung’s CEO?

In a market that’s crying out for quality Apple alternatives, where the ‘good stuff’ gravitates to £300 and above, Samsung is pushing the pricing controls on the Galaxy 2 10.1 down to just £219.

The standard price of £269 has a £50 cashback, bringing it down to £219. Samsung seems to be dumping stock right now.

So what does that mean for the market?  Well, the chances of Samsung flagrantly defying the courts and launching yet another tablet that steals Apple’s design concepts is minimal. The cookie appears to have crumbled on that one already and there’s no point in fighting on.

From the point that Samsung realised that it might lose, it would have turbo-charged its tablet division to come out with something stunning/revolutionary/nothing like an Apple iPad.

So what to do with the mountains of product left around the world, where a ban could leave the Koreans stuck with stock?

We have no idea how Apple won its law suit. Oh. Erm. One sec. Which one's which?

KitGuru says: If you were ever in the market for a low-priced, high quality tablet that’s close enough to an iPad that Apple managed to win a court case for $1Bn… Then you’re in luck. Samsung dumping Galaxy 2 10.1 stock has got to be one of the tablet bargains of the year.

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