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Android 4.4 images leak with new app designs

Leaked images show Google opting for a ‘flat’ design for its stock apps in the next iteration of Android.

This new design choice has shown up soon after the launch of IOS 7, which has drawn praise for its brand new look. While the leaked images are a bit blurry, you can tell that Google’s image change mainly affects design affects App Icons, layouts and the status bar

android-kitkat-leak-4 Dialler 4.4 android-kitkat-leak-1

The status bar appears to be black and white/grey now rather than black and blue and the messaging app has a new picture. The dialler appears brighter too, a change from the dark theme it has currently.

Android 4.4 is rumoured to be set to debut in mid October at a Google press event alongside new Nexus devices.

KitGuru Says:  I’m not sure how I feel about the change. IOS needed change due to it’s restrictions on functionality, but Android is a very open OS with none of the usage restrictions IOS still faces. It almost looks like change for the sake of change.

But that’s just my opinion. Would you guys like a flat design implemented into Android?

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  • Den

    Flat GUI, that’s the direction people are heading these days…from computer OS, mobile OS, mobile apps and etc…

  • Josh

    if they make the status bar changeable for devopers in their app, i will be SO happy.