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Chrome for Android will let you save web pages and videos for offline viewing

Google Chrome isn't just the most popular browser on desktop, but it is also huge on mobile, with Android dominating a good chunk of the smartphone market. Unfortunately, phone signal can be spotty at times, particularly if you commute, which is why Chrome for Android will soon allow users to download videos, or full web pages for offline viewing.

This means if there's an interesting article you see on your way out of the house, you could save it to your smartphone to then read when you get the time. Users will also be able to download music and videos but it isn't entirely clear what limitations will be placed on that.


Aside from that, Chrome 55 for Android will add in some performance, memory and stability fixes for a smoother experience. Improvements have been made to the contextual search UI, you can view and share your downloads from within Chrome without needing to go to a separate app and misspelled words will now be highlighted in text.

KitGuru Says: Back in the day, I used to save YouTube videos for watching while on the bus or train, though that specific feature was eventually removed from the official Android YouTube app here in the UK. It can be really useful to save things like web pages and videos to view later on, especially since phone signal can sometimes be sporadic while travelling. How many of you guys use Chrome for Android? Do you think you'll find this new feature useful at all?

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