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Android phones – 100 millionth is activated

While Microsoft limp rather poorly into Q2 2011 with mediocre Windows Phone 7 sales, Google Android continues to grow. Latest reports indicate staggering adoption rate figures.

Hugo Barra, Product Management Director for Android passed over growth figures in his speech yesterday. Since it launched in October 2008, Google are saying that the activations for Android have jumped from 500,000 to over 100 million worldwide in 2011.

This time in 2010, Google listed 100,000 activations every day. In August 2010, this was over 200,000 each day. By December 2010, it was over 300,000 activations daily. Today, latest reports show over 400,000 activations in a 24 hour period, every day.

Googles Hugo Barra: very happy about Android growth

Barra also said that the company have 310 devices from 36 OEM partners in 112 countries across 215 carriers. With 200,000 applications now available from almost half a million developers, Android is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Applications have already been downloaded over 4.5 billion times. The first billion downloads took two years to achieve, but the next billion were achieved over the space of two short months.

By contrast, Microsoft have been very coy in releasing detailed Windows Phone 7 activation figures, but industry insiders claim that it is very poor, even today.

KitGuru says: If these figures continue, worldwide domination is evident in a few years time.

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