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$200k 35 year old Apple computer rebooted for first time

A university in Turin, Italy bought a very rare Apple I computer, a limited edition machine which was made prior to Apple's founding in 1977. There were only 200 of them made.

The Apple I computer was initially accepted as a trade in deal for the new Apple II, so very few are around today. The number 82 model was bought at Christies Auction for over $200,000 by Italian collector Marco Boglione.

The system was finally booted in Politecnico Main Hall in Turni's Politecnico di Torino university and there were no problems. Many concerns were made before the start up, due to the aging 35 year old transistors. The demonstration was short lived, running a simple basic program displaying the words ‘Hello Polito'.

Looking at the spec list we see a computer with 4kb of memory, with no case, power supply, keyboard or monitor. The No 82 model had a Rockwell plastic CPU instead of the original 6502 White Ceramic version.

KitGuru says: 35 years, it is a completely different world now!

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