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UK desktop market shrunk 38%

Although the regular consumer might not be aware of the way that the PC market shifts and changes, data experts IDC are fully aware of all the major movements in the market. So what are their latest findings?  KitGuru dons a lab coat, glasses and clipboard to investigate.

Research house IDC likes to categorise and track movement in multiple market sectors. The reason for the divisions is so that they can offer clients a certain granularity of detail. Sounds like bo**ocks?  A little, maybe, but it is true and it is useful.

People with around £600 to spend, might by a reasonable desktop, media notebook or Apple iPad 2. These represent 3 very different market sectors. You might also decide that you don’t want a traditional device at all, and that you would rather ignore the remaining 14 months on your phone contract and go straight out to buy a £400 iPhone 5 with a cheap Asus EeePC netbook for ‘real work’.

According to IDC’s latest data, the UK market for complete Windows desktops, bought off the shelf, taken home and plugged in for hours of fun – has shrunk by a whopping 38%. That’s the data for Q1 2011. A massive drop.

Has this affected the enthusiast market quite so much?

Well, we will have to wait for a more detailed report later, which will actually break the market changes down by the size of the chassis – but it is certain that the world as we knew it has definitely changed.

Why oh why would anyone prefer the image on the right ?

KitGuru says: Overall, technology spending is robust – with increases in smartphones and tablets – but the traditional way of walking into PC World and leaving with an Acer desktop, definitely belongs to a bygone era. Fingers crossed there will be some recovery before the end of the year.

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  • Roger

    Thats damn depressing. Wish we had some good nwes for a change. its all hacks, security issues, market dropping 🙁

  • Fred

    At least AMD are doing well with Fusion ! 3 million units sold. wonder how that will boost their figures in the next report.

  • Daniel

    The problem is that off-the-shelf PCs from the main players are always stupidly specced garbage and laden down with junk ‘free’ software. Even those customisations you are offered are almost always useless or ill-thought out. Mostly it’s the old (flawed) business model of going for short term gain and bumping profits by selling extraneous junk or shoddy goods, which loses to the long view of selling quality and retaining client base.

    The only people I know happy with their PCs are those that built them themselves or got them custom built with specified components. We shouldn’t have to do this, and Windows systems among home users will continue to lose ground until Microsoft take the bull by the horns, do a deal with someone like Asus and start assembling and selling their own systems and put some credibility back into the brand. They couldn’t do a worse job than the competition.