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Apple patches Siri with ‘correct’ information

Last Friday we reported that Apple's own personal assistant Siri thought that the best smartphone ever was the Nokia Lumia 900 4G. Obviously, word reached Apple and they have issued a ‘fix' that results in Siri being rather sarcastic (not to mention arrogant). As of today, the original question “what is the best smartphone ever?” is no longer directed through the knowledge database Wolfram Alpha.

A quarter of all Siri searches are directed through this service so it would appear has put a block on Siri accessing it for this particular inquiry. Instead Siri now replies with such replies as “the one you're holding” and “you're kidding, right?”

Anything you say Apple! /sarcasm

First off, Apple are obviously censoring Siri results and this is never a good thing. Secondly, Apple is playing the big and arrogant guy in the playground and chances this will backfire on them in some way.

KitGuru says: I thought Siri was meant to be helpful, not heavily biased?

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