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Spotify set to finally get Siri support in iOS 13

Earlier this year, Spotify began taking aim at Apple with claims of anti-competitive behaviour and calling for an EU anti-trust investigation. Aside from the 30% iOS App Store tax, one of Spotify's complaints was a lack of Siri support for its competing music streaming service and now several months later, …

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Samsung aims to take on Siri with Viv acquisition


As far as mobile digital assistants go, Apple's Siri is often regarded as one of the best. However, Apple didn't initially come up with the idea, Siri began life as an app that was sold to Apple back in 2010. After selling the app, the original team behind Siri went …

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Google Home to tackle Amazon Echo head on


Amazon may have made quite a splash with the launch of it Echo home speaker and voice recognition system, but it's not the only one in the market. Google is expected to announce its Home device later today, which will offer comparable features but built on Google's own architecture. The …

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It looks like Siri is coming to OS X this year

Since its first launch, Apple's digital assistant, Siri, has been kept on the iOS platform and while there have been murmurs of it heading to Macs in the past, it never quite panned out. However, this year things seem to be a little different as a leaked screenshot from Apple's …

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Apple to bring Siri to Mac this year

After years of speculation on the topic, it looks like Apple will finally be bringing Siri to Mac OS X this year according to new reports. Right now it is believed that this year's OS X update is codenamed ‘Fuji' and Siri will be one of the big flagship features. …

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Apple announces the new Apple TV

Apple's September event is still on-going, with the company ushering out announcement after announcement. Next up on the block is the long-rumoured Apple TV, which has finally received its first revamp in years, with a new remote, voice support, better app support and even the addition of Siri. The new …

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Russian Siri is embarrassed by gay queries

Russia isn't well known for its tolerance of homosexuality, with a law passed back in 2013 banning gay “propaganda” discussion with under-18s, making life very difficult for people who identify as homosexual in the country. Apparently that head-in-the-sand mentality extends to the Russian version of Apple's digital assistant, Siri, as well, …

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Samsung to make an iris-scanner for tablets

Samsung is apparently working on a tablet that will feature an iris-scanner, bringing more biometric reading systems to smart devices. The technology is actually being built by the team that originally made Siri, Apple’s digital assistant for iOS. SRI International, the company that initially came up with Siri, is now …

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Apple’s now employs 100 thousand, keeps aggressive M&A strategy

At the annual meeting with investors, Tim Cook announced that Apple now employs over 100 thousand people worldwide. In addition, the CEO of Apple revealed that the company has acquired 26 smaller firms and startups for various reasons in the last 15 months. Apple traditionally does not make disclosures regarding its …

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iOS 8 could feature a revamped Siri

The dates for this year's WWDC were just announced and we've already got an idea of what we could expect to see at the event. Apple recently acquired Novauris, a research firm previously owned by Dragon Systems, which is well known for for its voice dictation technology. Apple did comment on …

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Halo’s Cortana is Microsoft’s Siri alternative

If you've thought that Microsoft's Windows phone platform was lacking a voice activated search feature like Apple's Siri, then don't worry, it won't be like that for much longer, as Cortana, the AI chick from the Halo series is going to be your new digital companion. Cortana will spread herself …

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Microsoft translation tool is near instantaneous

Microsoft has been working on a translation tool that's designed to work similarly to the human brain, offering near instantaneous translations while preserving the cadence and tone of the speaker. This would be a big leap over currently available translation tools which are often inaccurate, slow and don't relate how …

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