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Apple may ditch Google as Safari’s default search engine

Apple's map and search partnership with Google is set to expire in early 2015, meaning that Safari on iOS devices may be due to get a new default search engine. It won't take long for Apple to line up a replacement though as Yahoo and Microsoft have already met with the company.

The higher ups behind Bing and Yahoo search have already met with Eddy Cue, Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services, kick-starting negotiations to replace Google according to a report from The Information. While talks are on-going, Apple has yet to make a decision and may even renew its deal with Google.


If Apple were to go with another search provider then Safari would be the second browser to drop Google as its default search engine recently, since Firefox dropped Google in favor of Yahoo earlier this year. If Apple were to ditch Google though, it would make sense for it to go with Bing as it has partnered with Microsoft for searches made with Siri, the iPhone's digital assistant.

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KitGuru Says: Relations between Apple and Google have been going downhill ever since Android started becoming a viable competitor to iOS. Apple ditching Google as its default search provider will continue to widen the gap between the two companies. What do our iOS readers think of this? Would you rather Apple stuck with Google as its default search engine? Do you use a different browser on your iOS device? 

Source: The Information

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