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Bing no longer allows tech-support adverts

Following on from Google's announcement that it would no longer accept adverts for payday loan companies, Microsoft's Bing is now no longer allowing ads for technical support. Following a spate of scammers and tricksters, Bing is doing its part to curb fraudulent tech-support firms. You've probably had a phone call …

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Google officially responds to EU anti-trust allegations

Earlier this year, after months of investigation, the European Commission formally accused Google of anti-trust practises, forcing the company to respond and give evidence that its business tactics aren't secretly squeezing out the competition. As you would expect, Google is arguing that the EU's allegations are “incorrect”. The European Commission's …

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KickassTorrents migrates to Isle of Man domain

Update: And it's gone. That was fast. Back to the original for now then. While the Pirate Bay might be the most iconic torrent search site online, over the past few years due to lack of updates to its system and repeated down time, it's been eclipsed by competitors in …

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Google will change its Privacy Policy for the better


Since Google changed its privacy policy back in 2012, it has been under investigation in no less than 28 countries. It has been fined by both Spain and France for the vagueness of the policy, which does not clearly state how it will store and collect personal data. The Information Commissioner’s Office …

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Google Now gains 3rd party app integration


Shouting at your Android phone is pretty fun with Google now, but Google is about to enhance this functionality and it will soon announce that it’s allowing third-party apps to deliver information to Google Now. This will allow over 30 selected third-party developers to integrate their services into the voice service, in …

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Google might start selling car insurance

As part of its continued expansion into every facet of our lives, Google may soon start selling car insurance in the US according to an analyst from Forrester Research. If it turns out to be true, this will go hand in hand with its new push it into automotive development: the …

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The PirateBay homepage has a countdown

File sharers the world over have been a little worried for the past few weeks, as despite managing to stay online for over 10 years without real incident (save for a little scare in '06), the Pirate Bay seemed to have finally been taken down by authorities after its front-end server …

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Google to make big push for legitimate media sources

Google has announced that in the near future, its search features are going to cater much more to legitimate sources of media than it does currently, promising that some of the world's most popular and stubborn pirate sites will no longer feature anywhere near as high in the rankings as …

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Startup apps might be about to get a lot more secure

Startups are a great thing for any industry, as they bring in new people, new ideas and often that leads to innovation. However when it comes to smartphone apps, it can also lead to vulnerabilities and stolen data, as the developers don't quite cover the bases in terms of security. …

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Torrentz.eu is back, just one day after domain takedown

Yesterday saw the internet hold their hands over their hearts and bow their heads in remembrance, as Torrentz.eu, one of Europe's biggest torrent search sites was downed by a request to its Polish domain registrar from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU). However, just 24 hours later, the site …

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Google and Microsoft to crack down on child abuse images

While search engines might be the first place most of us go when we're looking for pictures of anything, child abuse isn't something you'd expect either search engine to offer up. However apparently they can lead to it, which is why both Google and Microsoft have pledged to block results …

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Halo’s Cortana is Microsoft’s Siri alternative

If you've thought that Microsoft's Windows phone platform was lacking a voice activated search feature like Apple's Siri, then don't worry, it won't be like that for much longer, as Cortana, the AI chick from the Halo series is going to be your new digital companion. Cortana will spread herself …

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Google agrees to search result changes after EU investigation

Being the dominant search engine for over a decade has seen Google face-off against many commissions for potential anti-competitiveness practices. If you're on top, this is bound to happen. Now though Google has agreed with a regulator ruling, that suggested it was a little covert about links that sent people to …

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Eric Schmidt shown how North Korean’s “Google”

Eric Schmidt

During his humanitarian trip to North Korea, Google's Eric Schmidt has been shown how some of the country's most privileged access the internet. In such a strictly controlled society, only a select few are given access to the internet. Schmidt was shown how students work as part of his visit to an …

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Iran takes out Google search and Gmail

Google Block

Iran no longer has access to the Google search engine, or the Gmail email system, with no explanation by officials as to if or when they will be reinstated and what the reason for their filtering was. The announcement for the digital blockade was made by an official named Khoramabadi – …

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AMD’s perfect CEO candidate revealed by KitGuru

Using KitGuru's ring of global spy satellites, we have managed to piece together the job description for Dirk Meyer's replacement as CEO. It does not really look like a normal job description, but we're certain that this the basis of AMD's search for an ideal candidate. KitGuru prepares to reveal …

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FREE SearchStorage guide to SSD for Business

At KitGuru, when we see the latest and greatest in SSD technology we get a collective tingling in our loins and Zardon drifts off to a happy place where half a dozen of the new drives are strapped together in RAID 0 in order to make one of his benchmarks …

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