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It looks like Siri is coming to OS X this year

Since its first launch, Apple's digital assistant, Siri, has been kept on the iOS platform and while there have been murmurs of it heading to Macs in the past, it never quite panned out. However, this year things seem to be a little different as a leaked screenshot from Apple's next version of OS X seems to confirm that this year's OS X update will include Siri.

Apple won't be announcing the next version of OS X until its World Wide Developer Conference in June. However, MacRumors managed to get its hands on some leaked screenshots, showing Siri running on OS X. The report also goes over some of the ways users will be able to interact with Siri.


Apparently, clicking on the Siri icon will launch the digital assistant and show a Siri-like waveform as seen on iOS when it is listening out for commands. An option to have Siri listen out for the ‘Hey Siri' command at all times is said to be present but it comes switched off by default for the privacy conscious.

If this turns out to be genuine, then Siri shouldn't differ too much from the iOS version. However, we will likely get our first official look next month when WWDC kicks off.

KitGuru Says: I like to use both Mac and PC fairly often but I must admit, as far as features go, I haven't been too interested in the last version of OS X. If this year's update does include Siri though, then that will probably tempt me to upgrade. Are any of you currently running a Mac? Do you think adding Siri to OS X would be helpful?

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