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Which device gets what? iOS 6 features listed per device

As we briefly mentioned in our iOS 6 launch article, some older Apple devices will be missing out on some of the 200 new features in the latest iteration of Apple's mobile operating system. We already know that the iPhone 4 will not get turn-by-turn navigation and some of the fancier maps features but what else is added to the list of small surprises? Well, only the most recent devices (iPhone 4S and iPad 3rd gen) will be able to use Facetime over celluar networks. Also the offline reading list feature will not be coming to the iPhone 3GS.

Fragmented experience? Yes. Apple is giving reasons for users on devices barely over a year old to upgrade so they can have Siri or turn-by-turn navigation. What's stopping Apple from putting these features on their older devices? I'm no software engineer but I'm guessing not much. It's a woeful excuse compared to Android where there are so many different hardware combinations. Apple devices sell by the million; some Androids sell by the thousands – it is obvious what device will get the better return on investment of a software update.

KitGuru says: Business is business and Apple is a business. Our best bet is that Apple has better ideas for the $100,000 that could be used to add features to “old” devices.

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