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Apple under attack for shoddy map software

Apple have updated their mapping software, switching from Google’s system to their own with the latest release of iOS 6. The company are facing a massive backlash worldwide from customers, which has surprised everyone.

The criticism is based around the new map system, and an array of errors which pollute the software, with misplaced labels and landmarks. Some cities have missing roads and erroneus features. People are saying that a search for the Golden Gate Bridge is showing a market roughly four miles away in San Francisco.

Generally iOS6 has been warmly received, although the new ‘Amazing iOS 6 Maps’ seems to be the major problem that Apple are facing. Many screen shots are circulating which highlight the mapping errors in the software. Google’s version seems massively superior.

Apple spokeswoman Trudy Miller has said that the map service will get better as more people use it. So also admitted that there are some features missing and that some of the locations aren’t perfect. She said “We appreciate all of the customer feedback and are working hard to make the customer experience even better.”

Apple’s iPhone has been using Google Maps since it first went on sale, so the move is daring and risky for Apple, especially as their software is new on the market. More than 90% of iPhone owners were using Google maps however Apple didn’t like the reliance on Google software and created their own.

Many people are saying “Give me back my Google Maps”. One user on the Apple support communities called Bryan Crow said “Now when I search for “Apple”, it takes me to a road named “Apple” in an entirly different city instead of to my local Apple store. How did no one catch this before launch?”

Gizmodo have focused on the problems saying that it ‘just plain sucks’. They say “It’s not just public transport that Apple Maps totally fails on; it can’t find businesses or places either. Yelp has apparently provided its database to Apple, but compared to Google Maps it’s just poor. Searching for my local Center Parcs in Longleat, which is something rather big and bloody well should be in Apple’s business database, Apple Maps protested that it, frankly, didn’t exist. ”

Kitguru says: Apple Maps sucks. That’s the resounding verdict.

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