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Apple release white iphone 4: 0.2mm thicker than black version

The much awaited ‘white’ iPhone 4 has been released to eager punters, keen to show off their glaringly bright new phone to friends and family. Initial reports indicate that the white version is actually 0.2mm thicker and may actually have a problem fitting into all the current case designs.

Early adopters of the new iPhone have noticed a difference in thickness between the new model and the long standing black version. TiPb have conducted measurements of the two devices and the report has found that the white version is 0.2mm thicker than the black model. Such is the scrutiny that Apple face when a new product is released.

White iPhone: 0.2mm thicker

There is no reason given yet as to why Apple have made the white version slightly thicker, although technical we would assume it is due to a new paint mix and UV protection. Apple have partnered up with a Japanese company to develop a new paint material for the white iPhone 4.

Apple have had a tough time bringing the white version to market, taking 10 months for the dream to finally come true. Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller has said that there are a number of reasons including the need for more protection from ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Sales of the white version are estimated to be around 1 to 1.5 million units each in the June and September quarters, just before Apple will release the new iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 should have a white version available almost immediately, unless Apple deliberately hold off on the release to push more sales at a later date.

KitGuru says: Have you had a problem getting the porky white iPhone 4 into a case? let us know.

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