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iPhone users record drop in satisfaction with iOS6

It didn’t take long for Apple users to express their dissatisfaction with the latest iOS6 operating system. A new poll shows that Apple’s smartphone users are less satisfied with the operating system than they were with previous releases.

It has been impossible to miss the explosion around Apple Maps recently, but other areas are under the gun too.

Techcrunch posted news that customer research firm On Device conducted a poll of almost 16,000 iPhone owners in America and they found that ‘owner satisfaction’ had dropped slightly compared to previous polls after iOS 4 and iOS 5 were released. Even though the drop is minor, this is the first time that On Device have reported ANY decrease in Apple customer satisfaction.

On Device CEO Alistair Hill spoke to TechCrunch and said “We have always seen an increase in device satisfaction as consumer upgrade their mobile operating system from one version to another.”

While many of the complaints are based around the inferior Apple Maps systems, there have also been complaints made about how the App Store now shows search results.

Any other company wouldn’t be concerned with the minor drop, but Apple have always led the way in regards to customer satisfaction, topping every research poll.

Kitguru says: Back in the real world however, we would imagine that this poll will have little, if any impact on Apple sales.

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