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iWatch rumours continue: biometric sensors – delayed until 2014

The smartwatch industry has yet to make any impact, and according to the latest rumours it may be 2014 before Apple get their hotly debated iWatch to market.

The latest person to discuss the topic has been Ming Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, a man with a proven track record of predicting Apple release dates and details. He said that it would be too early in 2013 for an iWatch release and that software and hardware challenges could force Apple to push back the release until 2014.

He said “Apple may not have adequate resources to develop an iWatch version of iOS because it may require big changes to iPhone and iPad iOS this year. In addition, wearable device components aren’t mature. For these reasons, we think mass production of the iWatch is more likely to begin in 2H14, not 2H13 as the market speculates.”

Kuo adds that biometrics may be a big part of the new iWatch product. He feels that the tech will deliver health tracking and security features to the watch. As Apple bought out Authentec, a biometric sensor company last year it makes sense to tie it all together.
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Kuo says that the iWatch will use some of the same processing and display technologies that Apple uses in the iPod Nano. He reckons that Apple will use a 1.5 to 2 inch display. Not ideal for playing games, but a perfect size for a readout and general functionality.

This information didn’t come from Apple, so there is a good chance that none of it will happen when the watch eventually comes to market, but Kuo does have a good track record of getting predictions right.

Kitguru says: Do we really want a smartwatch? Im still not convinced. I am sure with an Apple badge, it will sell well however.

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