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Soluto report shows that Windows PC ship with too much crapware

For a reviewer – giving a PC a rating is difficult as they often only spend a week or two maximum with the machine before publishing their article and handing it back to the manufacturer. This report by Soluto, a company who have collected data from their cloud based management service.

The report is based on real world usage by ‘real people under real conditions’. They say that the machines were booted up 1,346,000 times and spent 62,476 hours on boot. Problems encountered included 224,144 crashes, 84,251 blue screens of death and 250,791 hangs. Sounds like a normal day at the Kitguru offices.

The best performing Windows laptop they say is the mid 2012 Macbook Pro 13 inch from Apple which on an average week suffered 0.01 BSOD, 0.88 crashes and 1.06 hangs.

Now while Macintosh fans will be jumping on this with ‘I told you so, they are the best computers ever!’ it raises a much more important point.

PC Manufacturers install too much crapware on their machines. Why?

Well to get the Apple machine running Windows, the end user will have to set Windows up from fresh, deleting all the free nasties that ship with many computers. All that bloatware, trialware and crapware slows down the machine, messes with the registry and basically ruins the stability of the machine, right from the get go.

Soluto say that the Acer Aspire came second in their stability tests, three times less expensive than the Apple machine.

When we review systems on Kitguru, we always look at the default install, and how many unnecessary things are installed. It is such an important aspect of buying a new system. The best manufacturers will only install the basic drivers leaving the end user the freedom to install their own anti virus client, free of crapware.

Kitguru says: We want to see the end of crapware because if this report shows anything it is that reinstalling the Windows operating system from fresh cures all ills.

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