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Tim Cook says Google Glass will have ‘limited appeal’

Since the death of the legendary Steve Jobs, many Apple naysayers felt that the company may struggle to innovate. Tim Cook wanted to clarify the situation, saying that the company would release ‘several more game changers’ and hinting that wearable computers could be one of the new concepts.

Cook spoke out at the All Things Digital conference saying ‘It is an area where it is ripe for exploration’. Although he didn’t go into detail on exactly what Apple may release. He added “It’s ripe for us all getting excited about. I think there will be tons of companies playing in this.”

Doubters see that Apple are already losing ground to competitors such as Samsung Electronics and Google in the smartphone and tablet sectors. Some analysts have said that Apple are preparing a ‘smartwatch’ for release later this year or next – dubbed the ‘iWatch’. Cook didn’t deny or confirm the rumours saying that ‘wearable computers had to be compelling’.

He also spoke out about Google Glass – the new wearable glasses which can record video, take photographs, among other things. He said this cross between a mobile computer and eyeglasses is likely to only have limited appeal.

Apple CEO: Tim Cook. The company will continue to innovate.
Apple CEO: Tim Cook. He says the company will continue to innovate.

He said “There’s nothing that’s going to convince a kid who has never worn glasses or a band or a watch to wear one, or at least I haven’t seen it. So I think there’s lots of things to solve in this space.”

He also said that he has a ‘grand vision’ for television past the Apple TV streaming device, but wouldn’t elaborate any further. Cook also added that the company were not beyond acquiring another business to help develop an important product, if it made sense. They have many billions of dollars in their coffers for such a takeover, if needed.

Cook also hinted that there will be some important updates to iOS software, saying the future of iOS will be evident when they hold their annual developer conference next month. They are investing a lot of money into their mapping application. After the embarrassment they faced when ditching Google Maps, that was a sure thing to happen.

Cook was asked if Apple had lost its ‘cool’ and he answered with ‘absolutely not’. He followed up by listing statistics of device sales and usage.

Kitguru says: Tim Cook feels the future for Apple is very rosy. Time will tell.

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