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Will Apple revolutionise the gaming industry?

Most people reading this will have played a game at one time on their phone, or tablet. But some interesting news was posted yesterday which claims that Apple may release a system that can project games on your iPad, but projecting them to the TV in your living room or bedroom.

Mobile game publisher Neil Young (no relation to the famous singer) sees the iOS platform as a springboard for a new gaming revolution. Neil is no stranger to gaming either, as he worked for Electronic Arts, helping to produce some leading games. He started his own company, Ngmoco in 2008.

He spoke to USA today/gaming and said “We are 12 to 24 months away from being able to disrupt the living room with experiences that you might be playing on an iPad version four, but projecting … to a TV in your living room.” He also said the experience will be as good as playing with a high end, dedicated console.

iPad gaming: coming to a big screen tv near you at super high res?

So in 2 years time with the fourth version of the iPad, will we all be forsaking the Playstation and Xbox360? Its an interesting thought.

The market is already there. Over 200 million devices run Apple’s iOS platform and there are already over 100,000 games available for download. With an estimated market of 15% for the mobile market, the incentive is there to push development and expand further.

While hardcore gamers don’t mind spending £40 on a cutting edge game for their Playstation 3, there is an even larger group of people who are willing to spend a couple of quid on a ‘disposable’ title to play for a few days on their iPhone. There is potential for offering more indepth games for £15 to £20 which can be played on the move, then ‘projected’ to a TV when indoors. With impressive sales figures and an already successful Apple model built, it might not be as far fetched as it sounds.

Kitguru says: Apple to totally transform the gaming industry in the next 2 years? Watch this space.

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