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AntiSec publish 53,000 military email addresses

Yesterday we reported that AntiSec had compromised a defense and homeland consultant server. To prove the point they decided to publish 67,000 email addresses online, 53,000 of which were .mil origin.

Associated Press analysed the list and said that there were 67,000 addresses, not 90,000 as first claimed by the organisation. While the passwords were encrypted, many of them appeared to be easily breakable and that they could be used to break into military accounts. Experts are recommended that everyone involved should immediately change their account passwords, to ensure that no sensitive data could be stolen.

AntiSec said “We found maps and keys for various other treasure chests buried on the islands of government agencies, federal contractors and shady whitehat companies … “This material surely will keep our blackhat friends busy for a while.”

Kitguru says: It looks likely that more servers will be compromised in future.

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