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AntiSec leader taunts feds from Defcon conference

AnonymousSabu – the rumored leader of AntiSec has been tweeting from the Defcon security conference. His twitter page says “#DEFCON Come find me in the middle of the vendor room, directly opposite No Starch Press. Mention ANTISEC and get a free sticker. #fuckfeds” According to messages on his Twitter page …

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AntiSec release 10GB of confidental data

AntiSec, the high profile hacking organisation formed from members of both Anonymous and Lulzsec have released more than 10GB of confidential data from 70 different law enforcement agencies in the United States. This is one of the largest data dumps yet in history and has been posted into the public …

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AntiSec publish 53,000 military email addresses

Yesterday we reported that AntiSec had compromised a defense and homeland consultant server. To prove the point they decided to publish 67,000 email addresses online, 53,000 of which were .mil origin. Associated Press analysed the list and said that there were 67,000 addresses, not 90,000 as first claimed by the …

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AntiSec claim to have hacked military based server

AntiSec, a well known hacking group claim to have broken into a military server and have made off with thousands of email addresses and passwords. This marks the latest in a long list of attacks of government and high profile businesses. According to reports, 90,000 email addresses were compromised, including …

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