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Wozniak slates Nokia and votes for Android

Steve Wozniak, the low key co-founder of Apple has said that he predicts Android will be more successful long term, than iOS.

He spoke to De Telegraaf and said ‘when it comes to quality, the iPhone is leading’ although he felt that the Google open source Android software would be a winner long term.

He was supportive of the Apple iPhone and said it had very few weaknesses with very few complaints or problems. “Apple has set the direction for the entire world.” he said.

Apple Co Founder: Steve Wozniak

Part of the problem he feels however is that Apple have tied the phone in too tightly with iTunes, which many people might not like. Google Android on the other hand is ‘for everyone’.

Wozniak also released insider information that Apple actually had a working iPhone as far back as 2004, but they held back on releasing it because ‘Apple was satisfied with the quality but wanted something that could surprise the world. If Apple releases a new product, it must be a real breakthrough.’ We aren’t sure if Steve Jobs would want this information public knowledge, but it shows how much they wanted to stun the world with the original phone.

Wozniak was not so complementary of Nokia and he said they were ‘the mark of a previous generation’ and needed rebranding to appeal to the young audience.

KitGuru says: Wozniak was never shy in giving his opinion.

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