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Apple update OSX malware definitions to block ‘DevilRobber’ trojan

Apple have released a new malware definitions update for Mac OSX Lion and Snow Leopard which will stop the ‘DevilRobber’ trojan from running riot. This was discovered on November 1st by Intego, an Italian language site.

If the user tries to install malware that is on Apple’s OS X XProtect.plist a warning will appear asking if you want to move the file to the trash. If a machine is already infected with DevilRobber prior to November 1st then OSX will detect, disable and delete the offending code. It will also restore configuration changes that were made by the trojan, according to reports. Once the damage has been repaired a message will be displayed showing the malware was successfully deleted.

Thanks to Spider Mac for the information.

Kitguru says: More trojans and viruses have been targeting OSX this year, although Apple seem to be actively updating the platform to counter the malicious code.

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