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Gigabyte X79 board feature 3D bios and 3D Power

The Intel launch for X79 is not too far away now, and we spoke with Andrew Ditchburn, marketing manager for Gigabyte in the UK. They have been affected badly by the floods in Thailand, but it appears that they have some cool features planned.

Andrew Ditchburn said: “Gigabyte’s new Dual UEFI 3D BIOS has been designed with ease of use in mind. It is a stream lined and easy to use BIOS environment with a GUI designed for novice and experienced users.

A 3D image of each motherboard is available in each BIOS allowing users to click the components on the 3D image. This then gives detailed descriptions of the components for casual users and allows real time hardware adjustments of those components  for the more experienced users.”

Kitguru says: Has that ticked the box for you?

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