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iPad growing in popularity as an educational tool

The Apple App store is the store to rule them all, according to latest information released. Last year, the British Version of the App Store received a total of 255,922 applications, which averaged around 21,326 a month. We can’t verify the quality of the applications, but for those people who like ‘big figures’ it is certainly impressive.

A report released by AppZapp and madvertise the highest launch point was December last year, just before Christmas. 28,992 apps went live in the App Store in the last four weeks of the year. Crazy figures.

67 percent of all the applications launched were for the iPhone, with 33 percent designed specifically for the iPad. This number is growing month by month.

iPad was used often last year for educational applications.

‘Lifestyle’ was the highest growing app category on the iPhone and (perhaps) surprisingly educational based programs hit the top spot on the iPad.

Kitguru says: The iPad is being seen as a great learning tool for children, supported by the evidence in educational application growth last year.

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