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Apple sell more iPads than HP sell PC’s in Q1 2012

We reported on Apple's fiscal earnings earlier this morning, but a staggering piece of news is that they sold 15.4 million iPads, which is higher than the Hewlett Packard PC sales over the same time period, totaling 14.7 million.

While Apple outperformed Hewlett Packard in the Tablet v PC wars, they also beat Lenovo and Dell, with 12.9 million and 11.6 million sales respectively.

This is the first time that Apple have surpassed Hewlett Packard in computer unit sales and revenues, making it now the world's biggest computer maker. Apple have said they aren't concerned with the release of low cost tablet computers, claiming their spot is unchallenged. The only tablet to make even a slight dent in the market is the Amazon Kindle Fire. Apple seem to targeting the computer market with their iPad, and sales are backing them up.

The Apple iPad still leads the market with the Kindle Fire claiming a small market percentage of sales.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, said before that Tablet computers will overtake PC computers, and it seems he was right, even earlier than expected. Cook added, that while iPad sales were having a negative impact on PC sales, they weren't affecting Macintosh sales.

Kitguru says: The Apple train keeps a'rolling.

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