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Fake Apple store in China continues to confuse

A blogger on BirdAbroad wrote an article about a fake Apple store in Kunming which has since been picked up by many of the major news sites.

In surprise relevations, it appears that the four genuine Apple stores in the province are being ‘supplemented' by a fake store, outside Apple approval which is a total ‘copy' of the real thing. Looking at the store shows the same ‘clean' styling, with spiral staircase, acrylic product information panels and long wood display tables for the products.

Image: BirdAbroad

Even the Apple employees are dressed in the traditional blue shirts with Apple logo on the front. The Wall Street Journal has attempted an investigation of the store but they have found it hard to get in touch with the store owners who are clearly not wanting to speak to the press.

“Trying to reach the store’s owners has been tough. Repeated calls to the manager on Thursday went unanswered. But a store employee reached by phone confirmed that the store is not an authorized Apple reseller. The salesman said products in the store are genuine Apple products sold at the same prices as those advertised on Apple’s website.”

Confusingly, BirdAbroad said on her blog that the store staff she spoke to were under the impression they were actual, genuine employees of Apple. The Wall Street Journal however spoke to someone who said that it didn't really matter. “It doesn’t make much of a difference for us whether we’re authorized or not,” said the source. “I just care that what I sell every day are authentic Apple products, and that our customers don’t come back to me to complain about the quality of the products.”

China have only four genuine Apple resellers, which can be applied for through an application process. This store however, isn't authorised and could prove a problem for Apple, if other people get the same idea.

BirdAbroad actually added that she found two more dodgy Apple stores in Kunming, one of which had a spelling mistake over the front which read ‘Apple Stoer'.

Kitguru says: Apple have yet to make a statement on this but you can be sure that they will take some action, sooner rather than later. We are actually surprised this was allowed to happen in the first place.

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