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Tablet revenues up 300%, channel prays to St Jobs

With the sale of traditional PCs dying on its arse, the IT supply channel has been searching high and low for a silver bullet – something that will give them some hope of increasing revenues. Well, it’s already here – and it’s the Apple iPad. KitGuru pulls the Iron Man-coloured abacus out for another counting session.

Increasing revenues in a down market is some trick, but that’s exactly what the tablet PC market is doing according to boffins at a number cruncher Context.

While Microsoft may have launched the whole modern tablet concept around 10 years ago, no one was interested. Once Apple made it cool with the iPad, the entire world answered with a chorus of “Oh. Tablets. Yes. Now we get it. Please take my $1,000”. Tough market.

As we close out 2011, the revenue generated by tablet PCs is now more than 12% of all the wonga seen by the IT channel.

Year on year that revenue has tripled. Amazing. That’s almost 300%. Right?

Another little fact to slip into that equation, is the fact that the corporate market has now adopted tablets like they are going out of fashion – with over 90% of tablet-loving businesses choosing Apple iPads.

As the price of PCs sky-rockets with the hard drive shortage, solid state tablets are looking more attractive than ever.

The killer will be how Apple and the iPad 3 react to Samsung and its Windows 8 tablet. Godzilla Vs King Kong anyone?

Apple and Samsung resolve launch schedule dispute between iPad 3 and Windows 8 Galaxy (under watchful eyes)

KitGuru says: Will be interesting to see if the market can sustain another 300% by this time next year.

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  • John

    [quote]With the sale of traditional PCs dying on its arse,[/quote]

    Are we talking here about prebuilt destop systems that everyone is wising up not to buy? Or PC parts in general (motherboards, CPUs, video cards, RAM)? Because if the first scenario is real there is nothing to be worried about, on the contrary. I love having a warranty for each component and not having my BIOS locked by some proprietary software installed on the mobo’s ROM preventing me from updating the BIOS and upgrading my CPU….

  • Daviez

    +1 John
    Prebuilds only make sense when the price is the same as buying the components, but some one else screws in the screws 🙂