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Radiopaq Dots Review – ‘The tiny earphones with the big sound’

After opening the packet, it's very clear why Radiopaq named these earphones ‘Dots'; the body of each earpiece is a tiny sphere, around half the size of a regular earphone body.  Our sample of the dots is pink in colour but they are also available in black, white, blue, purple, green and red.

The metal earphone bodies are couloured dark pink which looks great despite not qutie corresponding with the shade used for the cable which is much lighter.  The earbuds are a little tricky to switch over as they have to be stretched slightly to fit around the tube that protrudes from the earbud.  This does mean, however, that the earbuds are less likely to fall off when in your pocket.

Overall, we are a little disappointed with the build quality of the Dots.  The cable doesn't feel very securely attached where it meets the connector and the splitter in the middle.  But as long as you don't subject the cable to too much abuse it should be fine.  It is nice to see a gold plated 3.5mm connector on the end but we feel that Radiopaq should have concentrated their quality efforts in the cable instead.

We were pleasantly surprised by the performance of the Dots which exceeded our expectations on every level.  First of all, their light weight and compact size mean they are very comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time.  It is important that you attach the correct size of bud for your ears or performance can suffer.

The sound produced is impressive for such a small, cheap set of earphone, especially in the lower registers.  Overall the sound is well balanced and clear but if the earphones come slightly loose from your ears, though, the bass disappears almost completely.  So they're not idea for running where this happens quite readily.

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